Website Maintenance

Keeping your website content fresh and up to date is key to having customers return to your site and to keep them interested in your company and your products. It is how you build customer loyalty, and develop new customers. You should have a website maintenance plan.

If your website is over 2 years old, it may be out of date. Technology advances everyday, and it is important that your website reflect the “latest and greatest”. If you don’t do it, your competitors will.

Also, the search engines frequently change the parameters used to judge and rank websites. If your site does not reflect these new parameters, you could drop in the rankings.

We commonly hear, from our new clients, that they built a website but haven’t had any time to update the site. If you are in a similar situation, and are looking for a team to keep your website text and images looking fresh and exciting, you’re at the right place. ¬†Ask us about our website maintenance plans.

We can do any or all of these items for you:

  • Write New Content

  • Organize and Design new Images or Photos

  • Maintain or Remove Old Flash Movies

  • Optimize your content for the search engines

  • Create On-Line Marketing Campaigns

  • Assist you in sending out e-Newsletters

  • Create a Content Management System

Keeping content fresh on your website is critical to search engine placement. Search engines love to see fresh content on your site, and will often index you more often and give you brownie points for keeping your content fresh and relevant to your website topics.

We have many website maintenance plans that are affordable, and our estimates are always free.