May 15th, 2012
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Your Business in Pictures: How to Effectively use Instagram

If used the Correct Way, Instagram can be a Great Marketing Tool to help your Business.

If you are an iPhone user you are probably accustomed with Instagram. Also for those Android users out there, Instagram has recently become available to you as well. The picture app was introduced in 2011, and within two months it had over 1 million users. Today it boasts more than 27 million users and that number is climbing.

So what exactly is Instagram? It is an application that is free to download for iPhone users to take pictures and manipulate them to look “retro” and “artsy.” You can choose from about 18 different settings, and each will give your photo a different feel. Colors are distorted and given an almost Polaroid look. Due to the crazy popularity of the app, it is now becoming one of the most commonly used sources of social media. Much like Facebook and Twitter, you can create a profile for yourself and update your photos as often as you like. People can follow you, and like or comment on different photos. Instagram can also be linked to your Facebook or Twitter account so that as soon as you post a picture, it will post to those two newsfeeds as well.

Let’s face it one of the most intriguing things about Facebook is photo sharing, and the great thing about Instagram is that’s all it is; a steady stream of photos. First, you want to make sure that you are posting photos that engage your audience. The photographs already look more aesthetically pleasing than regular photos, but you should post something unique to your business to attract more customers.

Make your content interesting!

Don’t post the same old photos, keep your followers engaged. It is okay to post often- in fact it’s better. If you only post photos once in a while you will be lost in people’s feeds. Post photos diligently to keep people coming back. Don’t forget to take advantage of hashtagging. The hashtags for Instagram work as a keyword search. Say for instance you posted a picture of your new restaurant. You could write a comment and hashtag words that pertain to it such as restaurant, Las Vegas, Italian, food, dining. The more you hashtag, the more followers you will gain. People often search different keywords in Instagram to find photos they are interested in. By hashtagging, you open your business up to more exposure.

Instagram also allows you to check in to different locations much like Facebook and Twitter. You can choose to say where you are in different photos. This allows you to get the name of your business out to a broader audience, and it enables you to post fun pictures of people within your company, to give followers an inside look.

Give a Behind the Scenes Look

Maybe your store just got a new bag in stock, or you have a new featured drink at your bar, you can reveal information exclusively to your Instagram followers before you do to the general public. Perhaps you also give them a little incentive to follow you and tell them if they peep the photo, they will be in the running for free gifts or discounts. It is another great way of building relationships with your clientele.

To put an emphasis on how much of an impact Instagram is having on social media today, Facebook bought the app for an estimated $1 billion. Everyone wants a piece of the hip, new photo sharing app, including Mr. Zuckerberg. So, how do you think Instagram can help your business? Are you ready to give it a try? Jennifer Web Design can help with all of your social media related needs and help you to get started. For a free consultation call us at 702-880-9565, or email us at