April 2nd, 2009
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Should your Business have a Blog?

At Jennifer Web Design, we are building Word Press blogs on a daily basis for businesses looking to strengthen their communication with current clients and reach out to draw in potential clients. Simply put, a blog  is a type of website that is maintained by a person or a group of people.  It features commenting, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed with the most current postings listed first.

Business Blogs, can be used internally to enhance the communication and culture in a company or externally for marketing, public relations or branding purposes, often called “corporate blogs”.

We use Word Press to support our clients as we find it to be the best platform out there currently for blogging. With thousands of supported themes, we can work with any theme and alter the colors, graphics and layout to match the branding of your company.

On our dedicated server, we can install any of the many Word Press plugins – just some examples are – Google Site Map indexing, Permalinks (links that make sense to search engines) and Page Ordering (allowing you to control your page order yourself).

When your Word Press blog is done, we train you in how to post on your blog and how to add pages using Word Press. We have yet to have any person need more than 1 hour of training to get started posting, which says a lot for the ease of use Word Press brings.

3 Main Reasons a company blog is worth your investment:

Your Blog will show you off as the expert in what you do. With your thoughts and ideas, people will learn that you are indeed the top leader in your business field. Add a little innovation into your postings and watch your subscriber list grow. Offer free advice and resources and people will be knocking down your blog door.

Blogs allow you to interact with customers, clients on a more personal level. They can comment directly on your blog, allowing for customer discussions, providing tips and also needed feedback.

Your subscribers of your blog will get up to date information from you as often as you’d like them to. Instead of being passive about information, the blog allows you to share any news you’d like, in a quick and effective manner. Unlike e-newsletters that often get stuck in people’s spam folders, your blog is always up for your clients and potential clients to come back to. Also, we offer ability to e-mail out the latest feeds to your clients and potential clients as text, a sure way to get your clients’ attention.

At Jennifer Web Design, we look forward to speaking with you about your needs and any questions you may have.