Use these tools to help you in your business, and get you started with your website

Get Your Domain Registered Today

This handy tool makes it easy and fast to make sure you own your name and brand. Domain Registration is essential before you start on the path to building a website. Don’t take a chance that someone else will own your name. Make sure to own and register your domain name today.  We can help you decide what the best domain name is.

Las Vegas E-Mail Marketing For Your Business

Use Constant Contact to supply your business with the best e-mail marketing solution. Newsletters and more, easy to use and an essential part of Customer interaction. This trusted email marketing solution is used by thousands of professional e-mail marketing professionals.

Do it Yourself E-Commerce Site

Start your own easy to use e-commerce site using Shopify. If you’ve got something to sell Shopify is a solution that comes with everything that you already need. It’s the perfect low-cost solution for people that have a smaller budget and bigger dreams.

PayPal E-commerce Solution

Accept Credit Cards in just minutes. PayPal offers a fast, affordable and convenient online payment service for businesses of all sizes. PayPal is a leader in fraud protection and risk management.

Website Hosting

After you have a beautiful website built, you need a place for it to live.  Jennifer Web Design currently recommends the hosting at Siteground.

Web Hosting

Custom WordPress Themes

Jennifer Web Design builds custom WordPress Themes.  We start from the ground up so that you are not bogged down by code created from someone that you will never see or meet.  Many of our websites have a “shelf life” far past the industry standard.  CONTACT US to learn more.