March 31st, 2011
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Creating an Effective Website Siteplan – at the start of your project

Like a table of contents in a book you should construct your siteplan as an outline of what’s inside your website. Constructing a good siteplan takes effort, patience and a thorough understanding of your audience and goals.

The steps below explain how to construct an effective siteplan and should be done at the start of your project.

1) Have a clear vision as to the structure of your website and what you are trying to present to your visitors. Many of our clients start out by just sketching or drawing a diagram on paper similar to a family tree navigation structure.

2) Find websites which have similar content and view their navigation buttons. Do they have drop-down menus? Are their links arranged in some logical order? Write down notes about these other websites on the things that will make sense for your website structure too.

3) Make a list of all the main sections or categories that make up your website. Break down the main categories into subsections.

4) Write a short description of each category and sub-category. Your visitor will be able to locate what they are looking for quickly and find things easily that are deeper in your website.

5) The online Slick Plan program will assist you in easily building your siteplan on the computer.

6) Save your siteplan as a pdf or email us the html from Slick Plan. This takes under 5 seconds to do in the Slick Plan program.

7) Our Jennifer Web Design Team will review the siteplan and make suggestions if any further refining is necessary.

With a solid siteplan, your visitors will have quick success in finding exactly what they are seeking on your website. Taking the time up front to prepare a solid siteplan will save you time, us time, and your website visitors time.