April 8th, 2009
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New to Twitter? Start with these 3 Things.

Are you new to the world of Twitter? If yes, then make sure to do these things first as these are the quickest ways you can attract followers to your Twitter profile:

1. Upload your author photo. Profiles without photos look unprofessional and seem ordinary. Since you want to stand out and draw people in, get a professional photo done. If you are in the Las Vegas area we recommend you call Connie Palen with PhotoWorks – she is an amazing photographer, we use her for all of our client photo shoots. She is currently offering a portrait sitting for under $100.00. If you don’t have your professional photos at this time, give her a call at 702- 221-1653 and tell her Jennifer Web Design as always, recommends her services.

2. Upload your 140 character author bio. Don’t wait on this one.

3. Spend a little time each day, even if just 15 minutes, becoming involved in the Twitter conversation. Try to provide your own thoughts, unique ideas, and certainly find interesting ways to present things about your business.

If you are still confused, or want more personal assistance on setting up your Twitter account, and further understanding how to use Twitter in your business, and for your business, contact us. We can assist.

Keep your eyes out for more postings on how to further attract Twitter followers and why that is important.