March 13th, 2009
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Twitter Exposed!

Twitter is everywhere these days.  It is a “micro-blogging” platform, where people can share their most intimate thoughts in only 140 characters.  People choose who they want to “follow” and subscribe to their “tweets”.  That is an awful lot of gobbledygook.  I like to say that Twitter is a “text message to the world”.

CNN, Fox, Katie Couric, Anderson Coper, Kevin Smith, Shaq, and Starbucks all use it to communicate with people.  More and more businesses are using it to communicate and “touch” their customers, and adopting it as a valuable marketing tool.  It still is a relatively recent tool, but is catching steam, and it is catching a lot of steam.  It is a great way to build brand loyalty, and communicate in a concise format with your customers.

The most amazing thing about Twitter is that it has a very viable chance to be the “Google Killer”.  TheTtwitter user generated content that can be searched can provide more instantaneous results on contemporary topics that Google.  It will be an interesting race to watch.