June 2nd, 2011
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What is the Google +1 Button?

Today Google unveiled the new “+1” button.  I’m sure you’ll start seeing them pop up on all kinds of websites all over the internet in the coming weeks.  We’ve added one to our web design home page so you can see how it works and what it does.  You can read more on Google’s plus one page.

Personally, I’ve been playing with the beta for a little bit, and it’s been pretty non intrusive.  When I remember to do it, it’s nice to spread the word about sites and businesses I like.

From a Search Engine Optimization standpoint it doesn’t seem as though Google intends to make this a factor in organic rankings, as the system is somewhat easy to game.  Though it appears Google is taking steps to assure that the results are authentic.  However, dependent upon how Google starts displaying the results it could start to hog up some valuable real estate on the search results page.  Boiled down, this is Google’s answer to the Facebook “like” button.

Do we think it is important?  Absolutely, and you should probably contact us or your web designer to get it up on your site as soon as possible.  These types of things tend to benefit the early adopters if they catch on, and I would not dismiss this as Buzz 2.0.

What are your thoughts?

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