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Whether you need vegan choices for a camping trip or are on a soft food diet, Generations Purees has delicious and wholesome meal choices for you. Featuring recipes which are Low Acidic, Vegan, Gentle, Easy to Swallow, and have No Preservatives. Whether you have special dietary concerns, looking for healthy replacements to your diet, or are a busy professional on the go, Generations Purees has the perfect meal choice for you. Shelf sustainable and ready to eat, the lightweight packaging is perfect for hiking and camping. No refrigeration or hydration necessary. Enjoy right out of the package or warmed up on a camping stove.

Jennifer Web Design created a promotional product website for food company Generations Purees. The design emphasizes the wholesome ingredients of the products with appetizing images of fruits and grains. Large, colorful labels emphasize the ingredients of the meals.

Launch Date: December 10th, 2015
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