July 15th, 2015
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Writer Finds New Readers with Updated Author Website Design – Donna Foley Mabry

Wall Street Journal best selling author, Donna Foley Mabry asked Jennifer Web Design for an updated website design to promote her novels to new readers and offer special autographed editions of her books to loyal fans. This new website would be a major expansion for her brand as previously her work had only been available for sale on Amazon.com. DonnaFoleyMabry.com would now become the first stop for readers looking to buy her books.

In order to deliver an updated author website design, we focused first and foremost on promoting the work of our writer client and the commercial success of her books. We designed a large header for the homepage showing autographed copies of Mabry’s most popular titles along with a “#1 Best Seller Amazon.com badge.” The header also included a Shop Now button to allow visitors to quickly start shopping for books. The first area under the header is a featured novel section. Here we highlighted Maude, the client’s best selling novel which was listed for 16 weeks on the Wall Street Journal’s best sellers list. Near the bottom of the homepage, we added an animated carousel which rotates through the covers of the client’s novels. Clicking on any of the covers links directly to the product page for that book.

We designed the website to be the primary online portal for readers looking to buy Mabry’s books. Built-in ecommerce allows visitors to buy special autographed editions of the books. We programmed in options to allow customers to include personal inscriptions to make their books truly unique. Each product page also includes buttons to purchase Kindle, paperback, and audio editions of the books from other website. No matter which edition a visitor is looking for, they will be able to purchase it after visiting DonnaFoleyMabry.com.

Each product page also includes images of additional titles shoppers may be interested in; providing powerful cross promotion. This is especially important when promoting Mabry’s two blockbuster series, The Alexandra Merritt Mysteries and The Manhattan Stories. Product listings for books in these two series are clearly labeled with each title showing it’s volume number. This allows readers to quickly identify all the volumes of each series and purchase them in order.

We also included easy to find news and event information so that readers are able to keep up with the author’s latest activities. More than a simple informational website, the new DonnaFoleyMabry.com is the ultimate online destinations for fans of Donna Foley Mabry.