May 25th, 2013
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Why using Instagram to Advance your Business is a Smart Move

Let’s face it; Instagram is the new cool kid in town. It’s the shiny, new toy that everyone wants to play with and a large part of that is due to the fact that it still has some exclusivity. Originally only available to iPhone users and then slowly letting in those Droid wielding folks, Instagram has slowly crept its way up the social media ladder.  It even caught the attention of Mark Zuckerberg, who bought out the app a few of months ago. Many feared then, that the intimacy of Instagram would be gone, but the Facebook founder proved he still has a knack for this type of thing; Instagram is now the third most used social media outlet after Facebook and Twitter.

Therefore, when asked by clients whether or not they should include Instagram when integrating social media into their website, I say yes. Like any other platform, it’s something you have to put effort into in order to be successful, but the fact that Instagram has become this successful in such a short period of time, is an important reason that it may be time for you to join the bandwagon.

According to reports, there are 100 million active monthly Instagram users and 67% of top brands now use the social media app as well. Those are your big companies like Nike and Starbucks, who are reaching nearly 7 million viewers with their photo posting. With these numbers, Instagram is surpassing Pinterest as it proves to be more valuable to brands. While your smaller brands may not be reaching an audience of 7 million people, you truly don’t know how many followers you’re going to be able to acquire until you do it.

Just like Twitter, if your account is not set to private, then people have the ability to follow you at their own free will. This is an interesting concept, as Instagram offers a “popular” page where they feature the top photos that get the most activity or “likes” every few minutes. On that page you’ll often notice that it’s not just celebrities or big market companies, but rather a lot of regular people who take great photos and gathered a following. If updated frequently and tactfully, Instagram can be a great behind the scenes look at your brand. You can tease out photos of what goes on behind closed doors and give an exclusive look into the way your company is run.

The great thing about Instagram is the way in which it allows you to connect with your viewers. A picture is always going to be 10 times more intimate than a Facebook post or a 140 character Twitter message. And being that it is a photo that your company shot itself on its phone just makes it seem all the more special. It’s not a glossy, professional shoot, but rather a photo you just took in the moment. It also immediately puts a face to your company. A person can see a great picture which will resonate with them and then they will associate it with your company, perhaps intriguing them to dig deeper.

Pictures convey emotion and Instagram is a fun and quirky way to breathe life into your brand. It may make your business seem more relatable and viewers will appreciate the inside look you are giving them. Have you considered an Instagram account for your business? Is it something you would be interested in learning more about? Jennifer Web Design is happy to help with all social media related needs just give us a call at 702-823-1103, or email us at for a free consultation.