March 2nd, 2013
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Using your website to Increase Product Sales

For many of the customers that walk through our doors, the main driving force behind a new website is to boost their sales. By creating a new website, or revamping an old one to enable them to sell products online, they are hoping to further the success of their business. However, when considering online sales, there are several key factors that come into play that you need to keep in mind when hoping to increase revenue.

You Need a Solid Marketing Plan

So you have your brand new, glossy website, but now what? Unfortunately, no matter how pretty the website is, it’s not capable of doing all of the work for you. You have to constantly keep your viewers interested and coming back for more. Customer interaction is vital to the success of your website and in turn the success of your business. For e-commerce sites especially, one of the things that can help the most are promotions and sales. Everybody loves a discount, which makes pricing crucial to an e-commerce site.

People surf the web because it’s quick and easy, and they can order something they want in a matter of minutes. That being said, you want to keep your viewer on your page, as most likely they are comparing your prices with another e-commerce site at the same time. Take online clothes shopping for example. I generally have a couple of browsers open at one time, so that I can switch back and forth to see what store is offering the best price on specific style of shirt that I want. If they are all similar products, I’m obviously going to go with the one that has the best price. Sales and discounts mean a lot to shoppers, and are one of the main reasons people shop online. You can generally find a better discount than you would while being in the actual store.

It’s also smart to think about value added incentives as well. Maybe it’s around a holiday and you’re gearing up to buy that special someone several gifts at once. Wouldn’t it be helpful if say, the website you were browsing offered you free shipping on an order totaling a certain amount. It’s good for the web store because it gives the shopper more incentive, and it’s good for you because now you don’t have to pay that extra $15 – $20 for shipping. You could also think about giving your repeat shoppers a special discount just for them. Maybe a coupon for their 5th purchase at your store, or you will throw in a free t-shirt next time they place an order. You want to gain loyal customers, ones who will continue to come back, and you do that by engaging them and keeping them happy.

Make sure your Store is User Friendly

Online shopping is used most frequently because it is meant to be a faster and easier way to shop. Therefore, you want your shoppers to be able to navigate your site as seamlessly as possible. Everyone visitor is different, but they all have the common goal of wanting to buy a product easily.

You want to make sure a person can quickly search for something on your website without getting lost. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes, and ask yourself if you would be able to navigate your site easily. Can people get to your store easily? Are your products laid out in a coherent manner that people can search effortlessly for what they need? Those are important questions to ask yourself.

You also want to make sure your images are large enough that they can see the actual detailing of the product they want to buy. Nobody wants to order a blue shirt only to find out it’s actually a purple color, but they just couldn’t tell that from the image. You want to make sure that the images are reflecting the product as closely as possible. That speaks true of the description of the product as well. Give a full and detailed description of each product. You want your customer to feel as though she was looking at the product in person at the store.

When shopping online you have a smaller window of time to grab your viewer’s attention. They are going to browse your website quickly to see if they like what they see before moving on to the next. You want to ensure that they buy YOUR products and don’t move on to a competing site. In order to do that, you need to make sure your online store is up to par.

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