July 21st, 2015
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TransAudio makes some noise with latest Web Site launch

Web Design and the end product are often a representation of how a company wants to appear, catering to the masses in hope of achieving revenue regardless of product. That isn’t the case with TransAudio, or their latest site. TransAudio approached Jennifer Web Design with a very specific goal: to create a website that embodies the excellent customer service and high quality products they offer to their customers. TransAudio isn’t looking for volume sales to the masses, but instead to provide a quality product that is the “right buy” for their customer. It was their conscientious focus to customer service and quality products that gave us our determination to do create a site just as awesome as TransAudio. We wanted to make sure that customers visiting the site could select “Partnered Brands” from the get-go, while implementing a solid “call-to-action.” The solid black design compliments the earth-tones seen throughout the site.

TransAudio indicated that it was important to be able to manage and adjust content with an easy to use interface. Jennifer Web Design created TranAudio’s new site in WordPress to do just that. The client expressed their desire to be accessible to mobile viewers with a friendly online experience. JWD took the design and made the website responsive. With WordPress as the CMS, the client is able to go in and adjust content within a few minutes all the while adhering to a mobile friendly layout.

Next, we directed our sights on the user experience, putting careful thought into how TranAudio customers would navigate their new website. Information is key, but how that information is delivered is just as crucial. With a product gallery format, JWD was able to showcase the best of what TransAudio’s partners had to offer in a clean, easy to view format. As a customer navigates the site, they will find a great deal of attention to every aspect of each page. TransAudio’s new website sets the stage for high quality web design.