June 22nd, 2015
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Straight Forward Real Estate Web Design – RESS4U

RESS4U is a clean, straight forward design, created to allow users to enlist the time saving services of RESS4U. The website is created in WordPress with a focus on E-Commerce & Membership platform. With simple to use Account Login, users are able to track what services they have purchased, as well as which listing services have been completed and or need renewal. This makes RESS4U website an ideal design for those who want “to-the-point” navigation and user experience. Not only is RESS4U design excellent at helping users reach information quickly, the clean design and layout make for an easy to use website. The layout steers away from traditional websites where information is served in a barrage of text, and menu’s.

With RESS4U, it’s easier than ever to list a home and get the tools needed to professionally debut your listing, and get results.