June 3rd, 2013
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Staying up to date with WordPress

“Now, once my website is finished, I’ll be able to change out the text and photos whenever I want, right?” That is probably the most common question I get asked by clients coming through our doors and thanks to WordPress, the answer is yes. We train all of our clients after their website has launched in how to keep their sites up to date. But, in keeping your website up to date, you must also keep your WordPress up to date. Clients often come to us asking if it’s necessary to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, that answer would also be yes and here are three good reasons why.

Sheer Persistence

WordPress doesn’t give up. Much like the alert you get on your car dashboard when it’s time for that pesky oil change, your WordPress dashboard is going to alert you when it’s time to upgrade. Once you login, right at the top of the page, you will start seeing a message that a new release is available. Just like anything else, you should probably heed the advice and give your WordPress system a little TLC.

New Functionality

Technology is constantly evolving. You’ve just gotten comfortable with one version and a new one pops up promising you something bigger, better and faster. The same goes for WordPress versions. You may have caught wind of a new functionality, but too bad for you; it’s only available in the newer version of WordPress. There are currently 25,279 plugins that exist for WordPress and each day developers continue to create more, but they often cater to the latest versions of WordPress. Don’t you want to be able to take advantage of the latest offerings and not be left behind the curve?

Website Security

So long as there are websites, there will be hackers, but WordPress has released a security fix. The later version of WordPress you have, the more secure it’s going to be. As time goes on and hackers continue to find ways to attack WordPress websites, WordPress developers, like us, fight back by creating security fixes. To install these types of security fixes for you, Jennifer Web Design needs you to first be on the most current version of WordPress.

The other question that usually follows the question of whether to update or not, is can the client do it themselves? While this is an option, we do not recommend it. Often if you do it yourself, some of the plugins, themes or widgets that are working on your current website might not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. In order to figure out any conflicts that may happen, we should be the ones updating and testing. If we find any items broken post upgrade, we then begin troubleshooting by turning on and off all plugins which allows us to pinpoint any issues. From there we can do any further programming work that may need to be done in order to account for the new version of WordPress. We don’t want you to upgrade and then have a half functional website on your hands. Let us upgrade, test, discover and then fix any items that may arise during the process.

Has an alert been flashing at you from your WordPress dashboard? Are you not sure of the steps to take, or are too nervous to complete an upgrade yourself? Jennifer Web Design does WordPress upgrades often and we recommend letting our team take care of the upgrading and testing for you. If we can be of any help or if you have any questions on the above, please call us at 702.823.1103 or email us at info@jenniferwebdesign.com.