Pool Chlor
January 6th, 2016
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Awesome New Website – Pool Chlor

We are excited to announce the launch of Pool Chlor, the brand new website for the swimming pool chemical service and pool cleaning company. Pool Chlor is a family-owned business that was first founded by the Skinner family in Los Angeles all the way back in 1958. Fast forward almost six decades later and Pool Chlor has become one of the Southwest’s premium chemical swimming pool service companies, with a large presence in multiple states and cities, Las Vegas among them.

In addition to their impeccable customer service, Pool Chlor owes their success to the chemical solution for swimming pools that they first pioneered many decades ago. The company developed a unique blend of chlorine and other chemicals which not only kept swimming pools free from algae and other contaminants┬ábut was also safe and comfortable for swimmers. The company has continued to innovate since that time to provide a one of kind pool cleaning and chemical service for a very reasonable rate. In fact, Pool Chlor’s chemical service can be availed for as little as $41 a month.

Besides their swimming pool chemical offerings, Pool Chlor offers more traditional swimming pool services too, such as swimming pool cleaning. For a full look at their various offerings, and their sleek new website, head on over to Pool Chlor today!