April 25th, 2013
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Pest Control and Search Engine Optimization

A little while ago a client approached the Jennifer Web Design team. He was a Las Vegas Pest Control company looking to improve his rankings in the Search Engines.

To put it mildly, this client was put through the wringer.

Over a period of years, he has engaged many web designers and SEO specialists, with remarkably little success. His previous web designer gave him a content management system. The content management system used is poorly designed for the average person. The client was in the midst of a website that had many harmful past decisions, using techniques that the Search Engines no longer valued. Unfortunately, he had resorted to spending a lot of money in pay per click campaigns to counteract the problems he had with Organic Search Engine Optimization.

What do you do when you have come to that point?

Do not give up.

Longevity of the domain is one of the factors that the search engines look for when they are determining how they are going to rank a website. Scrapping a website is never a good idea.

Identifying the issues and fixing them are crucial to recovery. Jennifer Web Design utilizes the latest Search Engine Optimization techniques and can help in recovery from those past mistakes.

So what happened to the Pest Control in Las Vegas friend?

We’ve helped the client to recover in the rankings for some of the keyword phrases he wants to rank. We retooled his pay per click campaign to ensure that he was spending money in an optimal manner. We recreated his site to remove the pesky and unnecessary Content Management System.

Ultimately, we performed pretty good pest control on the pest control guys website.

Contact the Jennifer Web Design team to learn how we can help your website rank higher in the search engines.