January 15th, 2012
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Mobile Sites and Your Business

It is hard to imagine a time before the smart phone. A time when you had to hop on a computer in order to use the internet. Today, we have the option right at our fingertips (literally) as the majority of the population has internet on their phones. In a matter of seconds you can Google a location, log in to Facebook, or update your twitter from your phone.

It seems like we’re talking about the stone age when thinking back to when this was not an option. I for one don’t know what I would do without internet on my phone. To be honest, I use my iPhone more than I do my laptop because of its convenience. And with this becoming the standard for several smart phone users, the need for more convenient websites became a necessity. Phones needed a simpler designed website that was easier to access, and from that idea the mobile site was born.

Nowadays practically every website has a compatible mobile website that people can get to quickly on their phones. When people are rushing around throughout their day to day activities, they need an easy way to get information. When you are in a pinch, the last thing you want to do is wait around for a website to load. That is precisely why many of these sites are more simply designed, less graphics and fewer words. It allows the reader to get to the heart of the site and quickly get the most pertinent information.

How many of us have been driving somewhere, or walking down a crowded city block and can not seem to find the business we are looking for? If this business has taken advantage of creating a mobile friendly site, our job just got a whole lot easier. Not only do these sites have few words so you aren’t searching for contact information for an hour, but often they use the click to call button so that when you highlight the number it gives you the option of automatically calling that business. For anyone who has ever Googled something on their phone, you know how incredibly important these tiny little additions can be.

Unlike when you sit at home with your laptop, when you are on your phone it is generally not for leisurely web surfing. People want instant information from their smart phones, and this means that the layout needs to be simple. It is important that your business is not alienating clients by frustrating them with slow loading sites meant for computers. The point of a website is to raise awareness about your business, and in order to do so you need site traffic. Therefore, you want happy customers who can access your site easily. There is nothing that frustrates me more then when a site won’t load properly because it is not mobile friendly. Unfortunately for your business, you may have just lost a customer. I think the same can be said for thousands of mobile users; we want reliability. It is why mobile sites are so vital to businesses.

It is widely reported that by 2015 more people will access the internet from their phones than from computers. That is a crazy statistic to think about, but one that is not far off. Only a few short years ago, smart phones were not even a part of our everyday lives, and now they are practically our largest go to internet source. This speaks volumes to the importance of making sure your business is on board the mobile website train. So, does your company have a mobile website, and how can we help to better that website to keep your customers pleased?