Year Long Coupon
March 20th, 2015
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Great New Website – Year Long Coupon

We are elated to announce the launch of Year Long Coupon, the all new web application dedicated to helping people receive amazing deals and coupons on all sorts of services. The best part of Year Long Coupon and the one major thing that sets them apart from other deals sites is revealed in their name: all of YLC’s coupons can be used, and reused, for an entire year. Obviously, when it comes to coupons, this is a pretty big deal since most expire rather quickly and generally can never be reused.

Year Long Coupon makes the process of finding all the best coupons seamless and easy; you can sort for coupons by category, such as food & drinks, and you can also find coupons based on businesses. The online web app lets you search either for a business name, or you can just search by ZIP code or city to see what bargains are closest to you. YLC is also geared towards businesses by letting them easily sign up and get paying customers directed their way.

If like saving money, then be sure to head on over to today and give it a shot!