April 21st, 2015
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Great New Website – Kiki & Company

We are delighted to announce the launch of Kiki & Company, the brand new website for Kiki Comin, a mother of 5 and an artist who loves to create, whether it be printables, recipes, do it yourself crafts or any other number of projects. Kiki has created literally hundreds of projects and she’s posted the majority of them on her website.

Kiki’s work has gained widespread recognition and was even featured in numerous magazines, websites and blogs. Not just an enthusiast either, Kiki retails her various projects, such as home decor packages, art prints and even books directly from her website. If you’re looking for free printable easter masks, instructions on creating an origami football, or a guide to making the Elsa Dress from Frozen, then Kiki & Company is the website to visit.

Visit today to discover incredible prints, DIY craft tutorials and so much more!