June 11th, 2014
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Great New Website – Employee Business Solutions, Inc

We are glad to announce the launch of the completely redesigned website for Employee Business Solutions, Inc., a company which offers employee assistance programs, as well as consulting services. The primary goal of Employee Business Solutions (EBS) is to provide assistance to employees through a variety of programs, which in turn allows them to be more productive workers.

The various employee assistance services that EBS offers are quite cost effective and they also offer an immense return on investment for employers. To be sure, companies which use the specialized programs offered by EBS generally exhibit returns on their investment of up to 500%. This benefit manifests itself in the form of fewer worker’s comp claims, fewer absences, increased productivity and lower turnover rates. Not to mention, helping employees is usually much more affordable than firing them,  and having to find and retrain their replacement.

EBS offers a multitude of services through its Employee Assistance Programs. These programs are designed to help promote employee well being and safety. They include drug-free workplace programs, with DOT Training and full drug testing, in addition to workplace safety programs. EBS also offers CISD or Critical Incident Stress Debriefing services. If your company is interested in improving employee productivity and overall happiness,  then be sure to check out EBS and their employee assistance programs today!