October 15th, 2009
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A Business Blog, Why? – Reasons To Do This Now

Often I get asked from our website development clients why they should set up a business blog. We have discussed the reasons in other posts prior to this one, but it is again important to stress that there are multiple reasons you should set up a corporate blog now. Essentially, there are so many pros to doing this, that is can actually hinder you if you do not have one, in that if your competition has one, they are already one step ahead of you. Interestingly enough, it is the reasons below that stop business owners from doing a blog right now. So, if you are in the boat below, you will probably be liberated after reading this information.

Let’s start with why business owners do not blog yet, this could be you-

  1. First thing we often hear is that they think it will take a ton of time. This is a misconception. Blogging for a few minutes each week is enough to get started and can take you all of under 15 minutes to do. So, time is really not a reason to not blog.
  2. Some people think it is going to cost them a lot, again, we only take 5 hours or more, depending on how advanced you want to get, so the cost is minimal to you and the businesses we have done blogs for find it very affordable. It pays them back within a few weeks.
  3. Next reason we most often hear is that it may be hard to learn how to blog. First off, we include the training in our cost. As a past teacher myself, I am patient and enjoy teaching our clients how to post. It usually takes no more than 1 hour and more most people that are working on computers already, it can take as little as 15 minutes to have your first blog posts up with photos. So, it is not hard to learn.
  4. Why should I blog, I don’t see the reasons for this? We get this question a lot and we should get this question a lot because blogging is still new all things considered. You can see our other post regarding why your business needs a blog. But to repeat just a few main reasons here, first, it is great for search engine optimization and driving traffic to your website, next, it makes you an expert in your field, third, you can be more in contact with your clients and potential clients on a weekly basis as they read your blog posts. The list of pros for a corporate blog is long.

After reading this, if you are interested, we always offer a free consultation and are hear to answer your questions. We are all about customer service and relationships with our clients. So, please do not hesitate to call us at 702-373-5538 or email us at jennifer@jwdmc.com.