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Lots of people build websites, we build websites that MEET your business objectives.

The Jennifer Web Design team is based in Las Vegas.  Our initial consultations are always free.

Contact us today to get your project started or to talk about your idea.

We are a group of Las Vegas based web design professionals. We work closely with you to assure that your website is going to meet your goals.

Some other companies use templated websites.  If you have online goals, most of the time a templated website is not capable of making your goals happen.  Our Custom Web Sites are made with your main goals in mind.

Some other companies outsource their business to other Countries.  Our office is in the fantastic InNEVation Center in Southwest Las Vegas, conveniently located on the 215 and South Decatur. We are all based in the good old USA — Hoorah!

We are a creative bunch of geeks that love to start with clean blank slates and never follow the same path for any two websites.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Markewich-Jones Jennifer Markewich-Jones Jennifer Markewich-Jones

Jennifer Markewich-Jones

Jennifer is celebrating her 15th year in business. She is certified in Website Development, Web Design and Web Graphics from UNLV in Las Vegas. Jennifer is a New York native and a former teacher with a masters degree in Education from Boston University. Over the last 15 years, she has built Jennifer Web Design into a well-respected Web Design business in Las Vegas. Jennifer is a member of the advisory board at the hi-tech High School, Southwest Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas. There are many things that make Jennifer Web Design the best solution for your custom web design needs, and Jennifer is proud to present these other key members of our programming, search engine optimization and design team.

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Currently, Jennifer acts in an advisory role with Jennifer Web Design and acts as a special consultant on projects.

Ben Jones Ben Jones Ben Jones

Ben Jones

A rarity of rarities, Ben is a Las Vegas native. Prior to joining Jennifer Web Design he was the Vice President of Travelocity-On Location in Las Vegas. He brings an extensive marketing and retail knowledge that spans the Bricks and Mortar Retail, Direct Mail, Music Industry, Radio and Internet fields. He is very knowledgeable in the ever changing world of Search Engine Optimization, and considered to be the authority on SEO in Las Vegas.  He like the LA Dodgers and the New England Patriots…  deal with it.

He’s also married to Jennifer, which makes this a true mom and pop organization.

Sanja Cornelius Sanja Cornelius Sanja Cornelius

Sanja Cornelius

Prior to working at Jennifer Web Design, Sanja was a student at the Art Institute where she received her degree in Web Design & Interactive Media. New to the field, Sanja brings skill sets in Design and Front-End Development. In her spare time, Sanja enjoys digital painting, playing video games, slaying Zombies, cooking, dancing and being a ninja.

Giuseppe Macchiaverna Giuseppe Macchiaverna Giuseppe Macchiaverna

Giuseppe Macchiaverna

More about this rockstar team member coming soon!

Joshua Downey Joshua Downey Joshua Downey

Joshua Downey

More about this awesome team member coming soon!

Stephanie Chiaradia Stephanie Chiaradia Stephanie Chiaradia

Stephanie Chiaradia

More about this team member coming soon!

Sabrina Sabrina Sabrina


Erik Markewich Erik Markewich Erik Markewich

Erik Markewich

Erik constantly engages in and enjoys the world of programming Kung Fu and has been doing so successfully for many years now. He continuously strives to stay at the cutting edge of the field. When not mining binary ore, Erik is more often than not found on a bicycle. Erik loves converting caffeine into PHP code.

Karin Miller Karin Miller Karin Miller

Karin Miller

Eating organization for breakfast, attention to detail for lunch, and having fun for dinner, Karin mans our Northern California office. She has a background in sociology and project management and wears many hats at JWD, though you’ll probably be in touch with her mostly regarding your website’s content.

We are a heart-felt group that cares about the success of our clients and their customers and their families, as we see the impact websites have on the lives they touch. We like to go over and beyond what a good website should look like and feel like and add our own ZAZZ to it. To us ZAZZ is that extra special set of touches to make a website feel cool, unique, intriguing and even fun, which in turn create more action from users.

We believe that when a website launches, it is equivalent to bringing a new baby into the world; websites are living and breathing platforms for affecting and changing the lives of others.

Our diverse backgrounds and experience in website development, online marketing and consulting bring together the right mix for success. We put our passion into all that we touch, we like to call it the JWD Touch.